Patting apathy

Today started as a usual Friday work morning. I didn’t have to rush to school because a number of schools have already started their sembreak while mine will begin tomorrow.

So I practiced a little yoga, updated some social networking stuff, had fat-free mango yogurt, showered, dressed up, went out of the house, and fell in line for the shuttle going to Ayala. Good thing I didn’t have to wait because a shuttle ride is waiting for one more passenger so it can leave. The shuttle was an L300 van so the rest of the passengers were facing each other. As I boarded the shuttle, passengers on the right side adjusted to give me buttspace. I was already a little comfortably seated and was about get the fare from my wallet when an old, scrawny man interjected, “Ilan ba talaga ang kasya dito?(how many can be accommodated by this space)” The barker (sort of the bus conductor) humbly replied, “Anim po pero kaya naman po yung pito. Nakikiusap lang po gawa nang malapit lang naman po ang bababaan niya. Ito na po kaso yung huling sasakyan pa-Edsa (The space can comfortably accommodate 6 but one person won’t harm. I am just asking on his behalf because he will alight somewhere near and this is the last shuttle passing through Edsa).” But his request ended in vain as another passenger from the right side complained and said that he shouldn’t force them to accommodate me. He added that they also should decrease the fare. Thanks to yoga practice, I remained calm and a little cool and uttered witha slight sarcastic tone, “It’s okay Kuya. This is for the GREATER GOOD.”

I stood up and alighted the shuttle. Looking back now, the spontaneous crazy me should have screamed at them, “F*ck you inconsiderate toads! Die!” But my values have changed and my maturity has developed so I didn’t. I smiled and fell in line with the rest of the other passengers waiting. The barker was kind enough to apologize to me on their behalf. I told him not to mind it because they didn’t deserve it.

Anyhow, I got into the next ride. While on my way, I was reflecting. Should have I stayed and resisted the apathy of those men who cared not about me and that I might arrive late because they didn’t allow me? Should have I told them more than “greater good” so they get thinking? I wish that the sarcasm got into their brains seeing that many of them are professionals as well. But the Filipino is not accustomed to sarcasm and irony. So I guess they are all thinking now that I was just angelic and all that.

My only wish now is that they realize their mistakes and that they end up experiencing the same gazillion times. Just kidding. But I do wish it gets them thinking. Otherwise I just patted apathy on his shoulders and encouraged the Filipino middle class to stay disinterested.

Spare them from evil. Though they do know what they were doing.


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