Added officially to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, staycation is defined as “a vacation spent at home or nearby.”

So, I am officially on staycation. Yes, I am a home buddy. I’d rather just lie in my bed or on the floor and read a book, watch a movie I have seen a million times, watch lazy cable television, or play a stupid game in my iPhone or in my Mac.

This staycation over the one-and-a-half-week semestral break is not any different than those that I have had in the past. That time though I just didn’t know that what I was doing had a name.

Nevertheless, I enjoy my staycations. Despite this love, though, I crave for spontaneity and randomness which very few things, people, and events seem to cause nowadays.

So if you are random, spontaneous, and just plain crazy, I am willing to spend time with you.

Yes, this is a public call. Help me patch up my pattern-filled life.


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