Starbucks 2012 Planner

2012 Starbucks Planners (Courtesy of Starbucks Philippines Facebook Page)

Joining the bandwagon of multi-faceted realities, Starbucks Philippines has launched its 2012 Planners offering five smaller, more compact, and more eco-friendly planners, two options to get the coveted bound sheets of paper, and a new Christmas beverage.

The new set of Starbucks Planners all look very organic and minimalist as Starbucks embraces more its eco-friendly campaign.

Also Starbucks is letting its loyal customers to choose between two options to get this year’s planner.

Option 1 Sticker Page

Option 2 Sticker Page

If you are the type who frequents Starbucks more during the Yuletide season because of its Christmas beverages and pastries, then Option 1 is great for you. Option 1 asks customers to complete 17 stickers only by buying 9 Christmas beverages and 8 Core beverages. But if you are the type who would go to Starbucks to avail solely of its core beverages then Option 2 is perfect. This option lets customers get the planner after buying 23 Core beverages, which may still include the Christmas beverages if you choose to try any of the three Yuletide offerings.

Furthermore, Starbucks Philippines updates this year’s Christmas beverage by including a new beverage. Joining the Peppermint Mocha and Toffee Nut flavors is the Cranberry White Chocolate flavor.

In the Facebook page of Starbucks Philippines, user Michael Angelo San Diego  said that you can get two planners by availing of 5000-peso worth of Starbucks gift certificates which you can use to buy the Christmas merchandise from the store.

Here is the rest of the mechanics.

Planner Promo Mechanics (Courtesy of Starbucks Philippines Facebook Page)

So, Starbucks aficionados and denizens, start collecting the stickers now.

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