seeing the world through the SLR lens

Taking pictures destroys the essence of the moment.

Taking pictures takes you away from the ambiance.

Taking pictures sucks.

That’s what I thought when I was in high school. I never knew that holding the very first manual SLR for my photojournalism class in college would entirely change the way I see the art of photography.

Since that serendipitous first meeting with Prof. Gil Nartea, I have been taking photos of every single moment that captures my emotions with any kind of shooting device that I happen to have at that moment.

Photos are not just still images of a moment. They are an encapsulation of memories, emotions, and moments that will never be.

Courtesy of Don Anton Valle

Recently, I have found new would-be shooting buddies Reyan Santelices and Don Anton Valle who happens to maintain an FB page. (please support him by liking the page).

I am now really looking forward to purchasing an SLR of my own so I could take photos of every single moment, momentous or mundane.

Moments are never defined anyway by how much emotion or memory they bear but are defined by how lasting those memories and emotions will be in our lives.


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