Alanis haunts

Always amazing (Courtesy of Celebrity Image World)

Her name is particularly difficult to remember because it is significantly difficult to spell as well.

Alanis Morissette is one of the greatest artists of my generation whose haunting voice and artistry never fail to rekindle long-dead emotions, spark old romances, dig long-forgotten vestiges of the past.

Through a friend, I was able to rediscover the poetry and music of Alanis through her album “Flavors of Entanglement” that testifies to her musical genius.

Flavors of Entanglement

The album offers a variety of genres which makes this 2008 album appeal to all. “Torch,” “Not as We,” “Incomplete,” and “Tapes” have the slow rock vibe, while “Citizen of the Planet,” “Versions of Violence,” “Moratorium,” In Praise of the Vulnerable Man,” “Underneath,” and “Straitjacket” offer the alternative rock vibe. Alanis also offers a taste of pop in the single “Giggle For No Reason.”

The 11 tracks of “Flavors of Entanglement” will prove to be great company to both the broken-hearted and the hopeless romantics.

And to start your journey to this album, here is one of my favorite tracks, Torch.


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