still movement

moving stillness

“The stillness in stillness is not the real stillness; only when there is stillness in movement does the universal rhythm manifest” (Bruce Lee).

Nighttime photography brings so much illumination to the eyes and to the lens. Instead of taking photos of landscapes or still objects, I capture still movements of people that perfectly deconstruct the layers of human motion.

Chad (in black)

Last night I was in Boni High Street taking photos. I spotted some skaters so I sat on one of the pseudo-marble benches and waited for the skaters to pass my way. While shooting, one of them approached me and I thought he would smash my head with his awesome skateboard. But then he asked, “You want to try?” To which I replied repeatedly, No. Then he sat down and another skater arrived and he introduced himself and his companion.


Siblings Chad (not sure if I remember his name correctly because I was staring at his sister while he was introducing himself) and Danica still urged me to try it instead of just taking photos of them doing it. But I told them that I was fine being an audience to skateboarding. When they were convinced that they couldn’t really convince me to try skateboarding, I told them to go ahead and skate again so I could take photos.

Chad and Danica left with smiles on their faces and wishes that we’d meet again in Boni High Street while I was left with an ecstatic heart because I met people who appreciate the limitations of the freedom we have: for Chad and Danica, the risks of skateboarding in a busy place and for me, the uncertainties of capturing movements in the stillness of nighttime.

falling off


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