My Paranoia

Like butter stretched over too much bread.
These words of Tolkien for Bilbo Baggins have been resounding in my head since the beginning of the school year.
I am very thankful for the blessings and appointments that have been given to me but sometimes it is becoming too much. But I never resort to mediocrity in the fulfillment of the expectations people have of me.
So I stress out myself, tire myself to death, that even I can no longer distinguish when work begins and ends every day. I know I shouldn’t be doing this especially with my cardiac operation waiting to happen this summer. But with the amount of things I have to do, sleep is a luxury I cannot afford. As much as I would like to rest, I also want to do lots of things that are not related to work: watch all the seasons of True Blood and Supernatural, finish the A Song of Fire and Ice Series, post regularly in my blog, watch new movies, party with friends, and so much more.
Life is too short to just let a day pass without achieving so much. That’s my paranoia. And it is killing me.

I only get an average of 4-5 hours of sleep everyday because I think sleeping is a waste of time. But I know I have to start changing these ways of I want to live longer and experience life more.

Friends, readers, remind me please not to overdo everything. Please help me extinguish my paranoia.


3 thoughts on “My Paranoia

  1. you wont enjoy life if u live this way. live the moment. life is what u make it so just let things fall into place. dont force things to happen. BREATH. 🙂


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