Dealing with Pain

The human body is particularly wonderful at maintaining homeostasis -it is an imperfect machine that maintains its imperfectness by making sure that one part is balancing the other.

I guess it is the same with pain.

When a part of your body is experiencing excruciating pain, all you have to do is to let the pain spread over your whole body and surprisingly, all the heaviness becomes light and bearable.

This much I have learned both in all the experiences I have had in life and my Yoga practices.

Holding asanas or poses in Yoga is challenging at first. But like what I said about the body, if you train all its parts to aid one another, then all kinds of pain shall become tolerable.

When you listen to your body, it is not just the physical state that you are listening to, but more so you are communicating with your mind and heart – the very essence of the soul. Hence meditation and silence are key aspects of recovering or bearing and relieving the pain.

I am not a believer of screaming or shouting as a way to tell the body and the soul what they need to feel or experience. After all, conditioning does not happen as an out-of-body experience.

So whenever pain comes, whatever form it may take, sit awhile, silence your mind, heart, and body, listen to what they are telling you and tell them to spread the pain to every single cell that comprises the body, to every single thought and memory that make up the mind, and to every kind of feeling that the heart is keeping.

It is easier said than done. Time is an important element here, albeit being a conduit of existence only. Nevertheless, listening and silencing take a while to do. But remember, the pain did not come to you as a result of a moment’s decision. For all decisions are worth a lifetime of thinking and not thinking.

May you find your pains diminished. So may I.


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