Lessons Learned from Elections 2013

Amid all this hullabaloo caused by the disappointing turnout of the Senatorial Race this year, I find refuge in the words of J. R. R. Tolkien, craftsman of one of the best books ever written, Lord of the Rings.

In Chapter 2 of LOTR Volume 1: The Fellowship of the Ring, Tolkien wrote “Many that live deserve death. And some that die deserve life. Can you give it to them? Then do not be too eager to deal out death in judgement. For even the very wise cannot see all ends” (Excerpt From: Tolkien, J.R.R. “The Lord of the Rings.” HarperCollins Publishers. iBooks.)

Perhaps it would be good to reflect on this and apply it in the results of the Senatorial Race.

There are a number of those who might win a seat in the Senate who I personally believe do not deserve to be there. Consequently, there are those who might not get a seat in Senate but who deserve to lead the country. But do we have the right to judge them, really?

I think we do. For life and death issues are a different matter altogether as compared to the election of government officials.

Leaders, and government officials at that, need to be scrutinized using a set of criteria that will help us decided whether they should be elected or not. But apparently, and as is the choice for many voters around the world, we haven’t formed a set of guidelines that will lead us to the right candidate.

And this is the evil of democracy. We are at the mercy of our own votes and decisions, or at least the vote and decision of the majority. The thought is inherently depressing but we cannot stop at that point and just kneel down and pray to heavens and hope.

We cannot always hope. Hope that the next Senators of this country will be the answer to the alleviation and amelioration of the depressing status of poverty and of living in general here in our nation. Hope that the next Senators’ seemingly pristine set of values will finally put morality and order back in government. Hope that the Senators will help solve the seemingly countless problems of the Filipino nation.

We have to stop simply hoping. We need to start acting. This life is not a fairy tale. There are no fairy godmothers, no Princes Charming, and definitely no magic that can save our country. We need to stop romanticizing poverty and all our problems because, as with many other things in this life, we need to face them head on and taste the bitterness of the problems. It is only then, when we get to taste the bitterness can we finally decide how to deal with it.

Only after facing the problems head on can we taste the sweetness and see the boon of democracy. That through the power of the people, we can demand change, we can guard our officials, and we can assure accountability.

There are many uncertain things in this life but not this. If we are going to ascertain that we will watch over the actions and decisions of those who we elected into office, then we can be certain of a life more bearable than the one we are leading now.


2 thoughts on “Lessons Learned from Elections 2013

  1. honestly democracy is just a word now. Dictatorship rules under the huge tag of democracy. We live in a country where 67% population is rural, a country where traditional roots mean more than your own development. Its not about elections, its about changing the system through which these elections pursue to further deteriorate our stand as a nation. Its about removing the corruption from the very base. How many times have we stood up for what’s right and fought for it? Accepting the wrong is the biggest wrong committed by one


    • Thank you for your opinion. I really appreciate people reacting to what I say.
      I honestly believe also that a change of system is needed in our country.
      We also need to be ready to apply such changes that will be applied in the government and society altogether.
      If we are ready to topple down a system, then a solid substitute needs to be at hand. Otherwise, the substitute, if half-baked, will altogether fail.
      But, perhaps, we also need to assess first if our people are ready for such drastic kind of change.
      More than changing the system, we need to influence our people to change their worldview altogether. Because, like a bypass heart surgery, if we provide them a means to success but no changes in lifestyle will happen, then the means will lead to no meaningful end. This is long shot though.
      Proactive citizenry is key. We have portals now that can effect changes in our nation that is in dire need of them.
      Accountability, consistency, and vigilance will also help assure that the next set of officials will pay their dues well.


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