Whisper and Surrender

I heard you whisper
a myriad diphthongs and schwas
about the love
that have binded us
that have flown eternally
like the falls and rivers of the north.
The mryriad phonemes that
emanated from the
softest lips:
as silk;
as chocolate that so willingly melts in the warmth of our love;
has created a cacophony of
the distant, resounding
rhymes and jeers
moans and lines
of the love we have shared

overcast by the madness
by which I acquiesced –

nurturing me to last
through the days that
the unbearable cold and damp
of the nights that have lingered
without you
cling and clutch to my body
as the talons of an eagle
that Apollo has sent
to signal the everlasting pedestal
where our love shall reside and lay rest.

I whispered too inane a babble
for the words by which I bore
the depths of this gift we share
cannot suffice the trench-deep longing
I nestle in my scald soul
to become with you
to belong with you
to be you.
I resent that I let go
of the very moment which stood long enough
for a rose to turn red to brown
but not for my mouth to utter
words that bequeath
my sincere surrender
to become with you
to belong to you
to be you.


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