World War Zee

Visual appeal. That is all there is to this new movie adaptation World War Z.

The visual-technical appeal of the film will keep you engrossed but without asking yourself how come 12 countries got affected by the virus without any reports of an airplane flight or a ship cruise/trip being the cause of the spread of the disease. It was clear from the start, as with any other film or story from the Zombie-genre, that you have to be bitten in order to be infected. That particular glitch in the plot, though, would be easily washed away quite literally by the onslaught of a tsunami of undead trying to get in the way of Gerry Lane (Brad Pitt) and his search for the cure to the Zombie-virus. So you let go of the glitch in the plot and try to catch up with protagonist’s search.

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Courtesy of

The 117-minute play time of the film felt dragging as most of the thrilling parts of the film are quite predictable and the search just went on for quite a long time. More play time could have been given to developing the foundations of the film’s plot.

There are a few scenes in the film though that will save it from entirely crumbling down, particularly the “waking moments” of Brad Pitt.

The film has high entertainment value and it banks on the technical aspects to keep you glued on the screen. Great cinematography and moving sound effects. But nothing much can be said about it. The foundations of the story were all set but were not explored as clearly as possible in the film. After seeing and hearing a number of films from the Zombie-genre, this one did not turn out as fantastic as it should have been.

It is still worth watching, though, for all its visual spectacle.


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