Sense and Sensibility

No, I shall not be talking about the classic. I just felt this is the apt title for what I am about to rant about in this entry.

I have been high for the past three days. With what I will not share. Up to you to decide what.

Nonetheless, the high has brought some sense to me, surprisingly. In normal circumstances, highs will take you to make believe stuff and ruin your head and you will end up waking up in a reality that you didn’t want to be in just when you were back here on Earth.

These senses that the highs have brought to me has gifted me with sensibility. Well, almost. So much has been happening in my life and I have yet to figure things out really well. I hate being out of control but I have been told by good friends to set free and relax. I am doing just that and the highs came to me.



The highs are telling me to go back to the beach and take a break. I think I will do that soon enough. Anyway, I miss my mom and probably staying in Boracay for a few days alone will do me good.

I hope that the senses and highs will help me ground the sensibility back in my life because I think I need that now.

The paradoxes of life. We need to take a break in order to be whole again. We need to detach from the world, from our world in order to be part of it again. We need to end a chapter in our life to begin a new chapter, if not an entirely new book. We need to see the emptiness of the vastness of our complex lives in order to appreciate the fullness of our simplicity.

To all of you out there feeling exactly the same thing, here’s to highs and senses and sensibility. May your brokenness make you whole again.


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