The Wishlist of a Boy Who Will Turn 28 soon

I always make a wishlist every time I am about to celebrate my birthday simply because I believe that sending your wishes out to the world will make at least one of them come true. And, being a kid at heart, my simple wishes when fulfilled will truly bring joy to my heart.
So here goes, world. Hoping at least one of them comes true.

1. Zedd Clarity concert ticket
2. box of Hershey’s milk chocolate
3. in-ear earphones
4. Running shorts
5. Dragonboat oar
6. A day-off to be in the beach with my Loudbasstard and simless iPhone to listen to all the music I want minus the hassle of connectivity to the world
7. At least 12 hours of uninterrupted sleep
8. A bottle of Absolut Raspberri
9. A fluffy pillow
10. One kilo of grapes
11. A set of Dong-A gelpens
12. Havaianas slippers

I think so far this is it. Many of the things I wish to have in life are intangible. And my friends, family, and loved ones are all there to help me realize these wishes.

Well, the Lord has blessed me a lot this year. His goodness is truly eternal and everlasting. But sometimes, I just wanna be a kid and eat my chocolate bar and drink my milk.


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