A street lamp along Pearl Drive

The yellow light of the street lamp illuminated well
the paleness of your skin
and the strength of your eyes.

When you pulled out the drag and looked at me,
you smiled; and I knew then
this was going to be worthwhile.

Then you started talking and the lisps came;
and I felt an unspeakable happiness,
like that of a kid holding a red balloon in his right hand.

You are different, I said.
That difference
had made all this worth seeking.

You squeezed my left arm, the first touch from your soft hands
and the touch gave me a surge that energized my body
but weakened my heart.

These feelings washed over me;
filled the void of this existence
I never knew could be done.

The journey went on for quite some time,
with the light of the street lamp
guiding the steps our beating hearts took.

I walked. You walked.
Our hands tied to one another.

All the while the street lamp glowed
brightly amid the darkness of the night.
Then, it started flickering.

The light from the street lamp shimmered
on the pale skin of your body and face,
but I could no longer see you.

I searched, in between the seconds of darkness
while the light flickered.
I got lost.
Then, in the seconds of temporary light, I saw the street lamp.

I walked to the street lamp
along that drive, guided by stellar lights
only to see that its light has burnt out.


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