Christmas Wishlist

And the time of gift-giving has come and yes I want gifts. Bwahaha Who doesn’t want to receive gifts? Of course, being on the giving end is just as well as being on the receiving end.

Nonetheless, I have come up with a wishlist for the Yuletide Season. Some tangible. But at most times I am just reaching for the stars or shooting for the moon. Some of them can end up in my life’s bucketlist. Here goes the list anyway.

1. A bucket of snow
2. Uniqlo slim fit chinos (Size 32, big *ss)
3. 12 hours of uninterrupted sleep
4. Normal days
5. Feel what it’s like to have a heartbeat
6. Visit Bali
7. A real day off
8. More normal days
9. Peace on earth
10. Beach house
11. Swim trunks
12. Goggles
13. Fewer weird days
14. Normal sleep-wake cycle
15. Stronger heart
16. Join a triathlon
17. BOOTS!
18. Peace of mind so there can be peace on earth
19. Socks
20. Athletic apparel

Well there they are. Hallelujah to a better world and a better me.

Normal days.


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