Poem: Memento


I woke up, the other night,
to the defining sound
of my breaking heart.

The shattered pieces
echoed cries and wails for a love
gone too soon.

Where have you gone, beloved?
Why did you return the heart
I selflessly gave to you?

Have you not the heart
to long for mine?
For I have longed for yours
ever since you became
how I define love.

Speak to me, beloved.
Harken to my heart.

If only I could steal you away
and take you
to a time when time was not yet timed.
So an hour can be a lifetime;
A minute, forever;
A second, eternity.

That is all I am asking for.
So that when I depart this world,
such moments will be the last images
that my heart will die with;
that my soul will soar with.


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