And then I find myself lost in the sea of thoughts of you of your voice of your smile of your eyes of every move that touched my skin longing to be held by your hands warm with the promise of a love that I longingly waited for forever found in the ephemeral bliss of the lips of sea waves touching the skin of the powdery cold white sand lined with seaweeds and shells and stones familiar to the trudge of my scaled feet and became the sheet I lay on until the sun had bronzed my body and had scorched my eyes that only long to see you again as the images of the early morning walks beside you along the shores home to the we consumed by wanderlust and the memories of nights spent with delectable dishes and rhythmic music we jumped to started dissolving into the eternal ocean of beginnings and endings and cycles and hurricanes and whirlpools of tragic love ecstasies then my consciousness will be once again swooped by gusts of images of you spinning in my head hearing your voice seeing your smile piercing the walls of my soul cruising aimlessly amid the whirlwind unrequited romance I began in a slow dance on the powdery cold sand lit by the wee hour moon in its fullness guiding my eyes to imagine your eyes touching my soul lost in the wilderness of hopeless waiting for your anchor to settle my journey that was continually forwarded and reversed by flashes of hollow promises from those who promised eternity and discrete nights spent with countless others who longed to be kept warm until the sweat and aroma drift away into solitary mornings lying in a bed scented by nights I could have spent with you yet never could because of a past deeply set in your heart pining to be revived by my promise of a present and forever with me I blindly built on the trice romance my heart found in the trench of your eyes and in the feathery touch of your hands and in the breaths of your raspy voice ringing in my head empty of everything but you.


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