Entropic Life

we’ll get tired;
we’ll realize that unconditional love is a Godly task;
we’ll become vulnerable;
we’ll succumb to the longings of selfishness;
we’ll desire for ourselves more, less for others;
we’ll stop thinking about others’ sake when ours has been taking a backseat for such a long time;
we’ll lie about feeling okay when we aren’t;
we’ll confuse ourselves with what we want to do;
the system will corrupt us;
the system will change for the better;
the crying and whining will stop;
the laughters will pour in like a hailstorm;
being a breadwinner will become a job more than a role;
being gullible will become an asset;
being corrupt will become the norm;
the norm will become abnormal;
singing punk rock will be high class;
wearing garbage bags will be high fashion;
Nokia 5110 will be a trademark item;
spreading digital and biological virus will be cool;
talking nonsense will give you Nobels;
writing garbage will give you Pulitzers;
designing trash will give you Red Dots;
crying will be the only source of water;
laughing will be the only source of air;
loving will be the only source of life.


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