Leave. But, stay here.

Iced tall white mocha cafe americcano sprinkled with a dash of dreams of a broken heart.

Empty white cup.

Billie Holiday, Audrey Hepburn, or some old Western movie actress singing in the background.

Normal weeknight buzz of friends, co-workers. Chit chatter. Almost soporific.

The whiz of water cleaning the beverage blenders.

Spicy, citrous aroma of Decaf Komodo Dragon blend coffee.

Dark. Extra Bold.

The clacking of metalware. I can taste it in my mouth. Galvanized steel. Bloody, metallic taste.

Like this morning, as I brushed my teeth. I gargled. Slightly red. Then, that taste. Metallic.

Now, the aftertaste of smoke mixed with caffeine
fills my mouth
and empties my heart of everything but the memories of you.

Memories that haunt me
the way my cravings for sweetness and bitterness of puffs nag at me every hour.

Memories that satisfy my senses addicted to every single scent, touch, and taste
the way the bitterness of this coffee feeds my hunger for more waking hours to think about you so i will never lose anything about you.

Memories that fill the emptiness in me the way the citrous, dark aroma of roasted coffee beans cover the space of this cafe.

I want to be rid of you.

But like the stains of coffee on this tumbler’s lid, you have marked the territory in my heart that you will never conquer.

Long after the taste and aroma have diffused into the thin air of memories, I will still have you.

Leave. But, stay here.

Go. But, please stay.


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