As I was walking along the pavement
Of what would be the beginning of our love story,
heartaches of years past crept into my heart
as raindrops wet and seeped through the concrete crevices and soil cracks.

I cast all of the aches away
And exhaled to the wind all worries and imaginary dismays.
And when the moment came for my eyes to look upon yours
My heart ached to its rapid beats as you slowly melted it
With your eyes complimenting every move you took, every word you bravely said,
and every gaze you momentarily cast upon me.

The fear of the cycle of failed loves binding me filled the air.
I longed to breathe the fear in and consume me
But chances have to be given
For all possibilities root out from hopes
that this next chance will be the end of the search for answers and reasons,
that this next chance will be the end of a life filled with what ifs and chances turning to bygones.

I boldly took the dive into the cliff of the unknown.
After all, nothing in this life can ever be completely and wholly known.
This life we lead does not permit us
To rehearse for the real life
To practice the plunge
And undo what have been done.

Still, I know, any dive into cliffs of love is worthwhile.
The dive promises no perfect end
But it guarantees a happiness
That is fleeting in the present
But lasting in our lifetimes.

Now, I look at you
and my heart does not race
but beats slowly as it takes in all touch and sense
and captures the nuances of you that unfold in each moment we spend together.

Now, as my body enters the ocean
of our love story
Hesitation is impregnated with hope and faith
that this tale will end only when our hearts have gone to a parallel universe
where we will find ourselves
kissing more,
living more,
and loving each other more.


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