Those UP Students Are Not Hooligans

Truly, what rules of civility are put to play in times when out of rage for injustice and ills that have been done to the Filipino people, there are those who decide to throw pieces of paper and scream profanities to the masterminds of the continued rape of our beloved country?
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Those UP Diliman students who shamed Sec. Butch Abad when he visited the University for an official engagement do not deserve to be called hooligans nor barbarians.

The acts of the UP students are not something to be ashamed of. By calling them hooligans and barbarians, they are reduced to ignorant citizens who have no just and valid cause to demonstrate their rage over a government official whose certain official acts have been declared as unconstitutional by the Supreme Court of the Philippines.

I dare not even call them activists because as an alumnus of the University of the Philippines, I learned that its students and alumni always need to be critical of government. Not so because the government is not doing any good, but because as privileged students to be Iskolars ng Bayan, we are accountable to serve in any form the Filipino nation who supports our tertiary education.

What shame is there, then, in expressing rage and discontentment for inaction of the government and authorities to justly do what ought to be done to those who perpetrated the unconstitutional Disbursement Acceleration Program? None.

Shame lies on the elitist statement of the Faculty of the School of Economics.

Shame lies on the fact that the Faculty of SE, the University of the Philippines President, some students, and alumni believe that what those UP students have done are uncivilized, barbaric, and unbecoming of a student or graduate of the University.

What have those UP students done to deserve such name-calling from the University that harbors the celebration of free and critical thinking?

What acts are definitive of the unbecoming of a UP student?

Honor and excellence. That is the University’s battle cry. Did those UP students demonstrate dishonorable acts?

Honor lies on these students efforts to fulfill their social rules as critical parts of a democratic country.

There is no honor in keeping mum about political and social issues only to speak up to label as hooligans and barbarians those who have had enough of this robbery and theft to the dignity and lives of the Filipino.

There is no honor in calling those UP students as enemies of the University and in demanding these students to publicly apologize to those who no longer deserve honor from the Filipino people.

Honor and excellence. Those UP students live up to the University’s battle cry. They did not lose neither honor nor excellence.

For honor is lost not in defying social norms but in forgetting the demand of one’s social role.


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