One for the Halloween books

At 5am today, someone decided to pester me by ringing like crazy the doorbell to my unit. After 5 consecutive rings, I went down to check if it was one of my sisters. Only my sisters know where I live. Of course, it is highly unlikely that it is either of them since both of them would still be at their respective workplaces at this hour. As I was standing in front of the gate, I asked who he/she was. I got no answer. So I thought to myself, someone was pulling a prank. I decided to go back to my unit. As I was walking to my unit, the doorbell rang again. So, I went back. I asked again who it was and still got no answer. This time, I looked through the peepholes of the gate. The streetlight lit well the whole surrounding area. So, I clearly saw that no one was standing in front of the gate. Instead, I saw the person standing in front of the wall where the doorbells to all units are. I tried looking at the person’s face to see if I could recognize him/her and lo and behold I didnt see any face: just a person dressed in black with long curly hair. I checked again. And still got the same thing.

I am pretty sure it was just a homeless person. Or maybe… Dafuq.


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