International Women’s Day 2015: Make It Happen

And we’ve really got to Make It Happen.

This year’s International Women’s Day theme has never been more apt: Make It Happen.

The theme encapsulates the call for all of us to take proactive participation in making sure that no woman in the world is abused, marginalized, and given unequal opportunity to celebrate and live her life.

This is a very tall order for all of us because it is a difficult job to be constantly and consistently tolerant and fair.

Fortunately for us here in the Philippines, we have come up with the Magna Carta of Women and the Anti-Discrimination Law that both institutionalize the protection of women’s rights.

Of course, having laws is one thing and actualizing these laws is another.

Since I am no lawmaker, what I can do is to simply show respect to women and recognize that they are humans capable of living their life whichever way they deem appropriate.

Maybe, that is what we can do to start the snowball of gender equality. We are all humans after all and we all deserve respect regardless of gender, race, and religion.

Join the celebration of International Women’s Day by shouting out feel good stuff addressed to women. Don’t forget to use the hashtags #MakeItHappen, #PaintItPurple, and #WomensDay.

Below is this year’s logo of the International Women’s Day Celebration:

IWD 2015: Make It Happen

IWD 2015: Make It Happen


Google landing page also celebrates the great women of the world:   

Google Home Page

Google Home Page

But I think all women are worthy of celebration, even if they did not do anything that is newsworthy. So, to all the women in my life, enjoy your day! Without you, there could never be us. Thank you!


Check this website for anything related to the celebration of International Women’s Day.


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