Kamayan Sa Pagadian (Pagadian City, Zamboanga del Sur)

I’ve been to Pagadian City thrice and I always make it to try the local restaurants. I’ve already tried eating at Yammy’s Grill and Rodolfo’s Cuisine and they offer really affordable and delicious food.

This time, I wanted to try eating at a restaurant with a different vibe and ambiance. That’s initially what you will notice when you go in Kamayan Sa Pagadian. The restaurant boasts of a festive ambiance typical of Filipino eating culture.

The ambiance of Kamayan Sa Pagadian speaks so much of the festive Filipino culture.

The ceiling is adorned with moving woven fans and native lamps. 

Tables and chairs also welcome the vibe of sharing and celebration as each set of tables and chairs can accommodate 2-4 persons and can definitely be put side by side when a bigger group of people comes in.

There are acoustic performers who entertain the guests every night. This adds to the overall feel good vibe of this fantastic place.

Acoustic performers make dining more pleasurable.

Now, let’s get down to food business. The food is relatively good. It is a hit and miss. I’ve eaten here twice. The first time I ate here, I got to taste the lechon kawali, grilled squid, and balbacua. All these dishes tasted really good. 

The second time I visited, I tried the Binakol in a Buko Shell, baked scallops, and crispy seafood platter. The Binakol was a sumptuous dish and you all must try it. I cannot say the same for the baked scallops and crispy seafood platter. The scallops were unevenly baked while the crispy seafood platter was really crispy but lacked taste. The batter needs a little seasoning as the mayo-catsup dip did not cover the taste that the fried seafood lacked.

This Crispy Seafood Platter could use some spicing up.

Binakol in a Buko Shell is a must-try dish.

I have yet to try the house specialty: Chicken Ati-Atihan. I bet that will be a wonderful dish to eat.

They also serve desserts and shakes that are a feast in the eyes and taste buds. The buko shake is really delicious, it felt like the meat from one whole coconut was put in that glass of shake. The Atihan Buko Halo-Halo is a must-try.

What makes the place really stand out is the Boodle meal. For those of you who do not know, a boodle meal is composed of a number of dishes and a big serving of rice placed on a banana leaf. This is where the real kamayan happens. You have to eat with your bare hands straight from the boodle meal served in the banana leaf. 

When you visit this place, make sure that you are near starvation because your tummy will surely enjoy feasting on the dishes Kamayan Sa Pagadian has to offer.

Kamayan Sa Pagadian is located in Fajares St. right across the 24/7 convenience store Threee (yup, three Es).

And for your reference, here is the menu:


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