Sennga’s Grill (Molave, Zamboanga del Sur)

Finding a good place where to eat is quite a challenge in places where very few people have reviewed local restaurants. 

While searching, you might end up just opting for the always convenient fast-food chain.

But when I visit a new place, I make sure that unless I am about to die of hunger, I will not eat in any fast-food chain.

While perusing Rizal Avenue here in Molave, Zamboanga del Sur, we chanced upon a newly opened restaurant: Sennga’s Grill.

Sennga’s Grill is basically a restaurant where you do your own grilling of your choice of meat. Depending on the combo you will choose, you will be served strips of pork, whole shrimps, cubes of squid, and fish fillets.

Sennga’s Grill just recently opened on February 24, 2015. It is located in Rizal Avenue and is right across the LBC Molave Branch.

Using a stove-top griller and a butane gas burner, you will cook the pieces of meat. 

Cook meat to your preferred doneness.

The restaurant also offers its own set of signature dishes and beverages. The Sennga’s Juice is a must-try. It is a mix of melon, sugar, and milk. The juice is so thick it might as well be melon purée.

Combo meals are very affordable.

The Grill’s other offerings are good and tasty .

Everything in their menu is truly affordable. When we ate in the place, we ordered Combo No. 5, good for 3-4 persons and only costs Php 399. But if you have big appetite, the serving is big enough for two.

The only bad thing about this restaurant is they do not have enough ventilation. There are no exhaust fans and there are practically no windows, save for one. They do have one air-conditioning unit. But, in Zamboanga del Sur where rotational power interruptions is bread and butter, ventilation of any place is of prime importance; especially for a restaurant where you cook your own food.

All in all, Sennga’s Grill is a good place to try. If you happen to be in Zamboanga del Sur, stop by this place and enjoy what they have to offer.


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